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Brooklyn 99

The best of 2014

Rather than produce a year-end list that follows the suit of those other publications, we decided to focus on solely the work we found to best the best in it’s own right.

Photo by Heather Davidson

Painting the ‘nite’ away

“The goal is to make everyone happy. If they are smiling at the end [of the night], I’d say it’s a good thing.” said Bunting.

Photo by Heather Davidson

Knowing how to drink wine

When the semester comes to an end and our bank accounts sit somewhere between $20 and negative overdraft allowances, is wine a viable drinking option?

Burrito (Heather Davidson)

Burrito battle on King

Arguing that one burrito is better than the other is like arguing which is more beautiful: a sunrise or a sunset. Why can’t we just enjoy both and call it a day?

Graphic by Joshua Awolade

Aesthetics over content

Whether it’s through traditional art, film or music, there will always be a way to judge something based on how pretty it is.

Photo by Heather Davidson

Read for leisure

Students may use different forms of reading as stress-release from school.

Graphic by Shannon Millar

Social media harassment

Long gone are the days in which a couple would meet each other at your local Sadie Hawkin’s dance and live happily ever after.