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Graphic by Laila Hack

Melding faith and school life

The Wilfrid Laurier Univesity student body is nothing if not diverse. We have in the neighbourhood of around 14,000 undergrad students, all of which come from different places around the world and bring with them unique customs, traditions and languages.

Photo by Heather Davidson

An odyssey into music and dance

With the programing organized around Kubrick’s critically-acclaimed film, the evening saw a replica of HAL 9000 and the Monolith from the movie and even costumed ape performances that came out onto the dance floor throughout the evening.

Photo by Zoe Nguyen

How to dress to impress

It’s important to remember to apply the proper accessory to your outfit. Laying it out the night before can help.


Be original this Halloween

Just a few days until Halloween kicks off, now is the time to start figuring out what costumes are going to make you look like the coolest person at Phil’s.