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Photo by Jody Waardenburg

Poppin’ tags: thrifting as fashion craze

With the opening of previously-owned clothing store The Patch, as well as consignment boutique Luster and Oak we can see that fashion has recently taken a turn in a different direction.

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Coping in the age of adaptation

With the release and critical acclaim of David Fincher’s new film adaptation of the bestseller novel Gone Girl, the sheer volume of book adaptations in modern cinema is once again brought to our attention.

Graphic by Shannon Millar

Pets can be ‘ruff’

The answer for many Wilfrid Laurier University students to adjust to the new atmosphere easier is to get a pet to accompany them.

Photo by Will Huang

Alvvays bring the smiles

After a three-year absence, Molly Rankin has returned to Waterloo with a new band, a new album and a new fan base.