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Graphic by Joshua Awolade

ICT gathers student input

The information and communication technologies department at Wilfrid Laurier University is looking to improve their services.


Is winter cruel?

As cold temperature approaches and we seek warmth, winter wear skyrockets and so does the consumption of fur.

Graphic by Lena Yang

Amish Project explores forgiveness

Green Light Art’s latest production The Amish Project is set to have its Canadian premiere at Studio 180 in Hagey Hall at the University of Waterloo on Sept. 25.

Photo by Jessica Dik

Living local in K-W

Last week, residents of Kitchener-Waterloo were encouraged to get to know their community a little better through the Live Local Challenge.

Graphic by Lena Yang

Define this: Beauty

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The politics of pipelines

The environmental movement has become such a mixed bag of idiocy that it has begun to turn me against the crucial issue of environmental protection.