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A brand new era

The Internet is an unpredictable beast and everyone is just trying to keep up.

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Life as an international student

As an international student, I wish the transition was easier, but I am very much appreciative of the opportunity to grow and actualize my dreams in a country I will soon call home.


Editorial: Learning Your Options

I know that the summers off and benefits won’t be worth it when we’re dealing with a generation that doesn’t know how to love learning because they didn’t have teachers who taught them how.

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Kelly Clarkson’s dilemma

British journalist Katie Hopkins’ recent body shaming comments about singer Kelly Clarkson have proved we still have not made the progression towards being a body-positive society. After Clarkson made an appearance on a talk show, Hopkins took to twitter to…

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Everest College shutdown poses problems

In an unforeseen decision made by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, 2,400 students have been left without access to their education at Everest College. While the private college’s financial concerns led them to file for bankruptcy, it…