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A Case for Pro-Choice

Communiy Contributors Olivia Matthews and Kanwar Brar respond to “A case against abortion” from the Oct. 8 issue of The Cord

Pro-choice rally (Contributed images)

My body, my right to choose

Before I celebrated my 17th birthday in 2008, I began menstruating. Coincidentally, a month later I had sex for the first time. A month after that, I found out I was pregnant; I chose to have an abortion. The process…

Graphic by Joshua Awolade

GamerGate: the internet is merciless

I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a controversy composed of such a weird amalgamation of cultural forces. The issue of Gamergate has been building for a few months now, and it has me extremely glad that I left video game…


Keeping the net open

Net neutrality is something that affects every single user of the Internet. From checking e-mails to doing research for assignments to streaming music and movies.