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Editorial – Lets Talk

I had my first severe anxiety attack in October 2009. Stressed, I curled up and worried about everything going on around me. While only a junior in high school, it seemed like the world was crashing down and there was…


The Case Against Pot

Yes cigarettes and alcohol are worse, but those were also welcomed into society when the health risks were basically unknown. I feel most of these pot activists are just trying to justify their own illegal behaviour.

Graphic by Shannon Millar

Finding your balance

Just remember to keep your feet strongly planted, and, just like having a drink every once in a while, don’t forget to inhale the fresh air.

Photo by Leo Lewin

Get Off Your Ass And Vote

This might be the one chance you have to really change systems that affect your day-to-day life, so get off your ass and vote.


Embracing Diversity

Imagine three individuals on a school information booklet: white female, black male and Hispanic female.


Victim blaming is still an issue

The fact that I am even writing an article in an attempt to defend the integrity of victims of sexual and physical violence is a troubling reality in and of itself.