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The illusion of pluralism

We are a land of immigrants. Whether you trace your ancestry back one or 10 generations and it is easy to forget that.


‘Reclaiming my pride’

Feb. 26, 2001 — I am seven years old with the selfish tendencies of a child who thinks she is entitled to much more than she deserves and I have just uprooted my grandparents in my move from China to Canada.

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The vindication of Sun News

Sun News has always attracted criticism. Since the earliest days in printing papers it’s been slammed as a hard-right, fringe and radical organization.

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Empathy and justice

Through what are referred to as mirror neurons, reflective brain areas of observers appear to recreate the unpleasant experience — neurologically, they sensed the other’s pain.


Self-reliance is a virtue

There will come a day when you will be totally out on your own in a new city and you may not have the capability to just go home.

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Lessons learned from summer camp

It’s more than a way of re-entering the glory days of your youth, it’s a way of unleashing the freedom of your inevitable adulthood. In those moments of freedom, worries of the future don’t exist.