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Guelph - Lena Yang

Plans for online-only news are unconfirmed for Guelph Mercury

After 149 years of publication, the Guelph Mercury printed its last issue on January 29. The publication plans to continue providing news to Guelph residents only through its online website, as its print edition was no longer deemed profitable. According…

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Words of advice from Waterloo’s Dragon, Michael Wekerle

According to Michael Wekerle, Canadian investor, dragon on CBC’s Dragon’s Den and former Bay Street trader, there are three aspects to a powerful city — education, awareness and diversity. These aspects are what drew him into investing in Waterloo Region…

Breaking the Silence - Fani Hsieh

Breaking the Silence aim for safe spaces for LGBTQ

While the number of hate crimes has dropped in the past five to six years, Waterloo Region is still working to educate and lessen unreported crimes. The Waterloo Region Crime Prevention Council believes that violence is the result of an…