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Photo by Heather Davidson

Mayoral candidates consider student demographic

The leverage that post-secondary students in Waterloo hold due to their large population in proportion to permanent residents is something that most of the mayoral candidates for the municipal election are not taking lightly.

Graphic by Joshua Awolade

Study reveals key to self-love

A recently released psychology study from the University of Waterloo indicated that women who display more self-compassion tend to have a more positive body image regardless of their body mass index.

Photo by Nick Lachance

Out of the Cold program struggling

Kitchener-Waterloo’s Out of the Cold program, a series of locations working together to offer the region’s homeless a safe place to sleep during the winter months, has been struggling through the past year.

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Futuristic development approved

Waterloo city council has approved a new, futuristic development project which is meant to provide a mix of both residential and commercial space and new public corridors.