Project SOIL gives purpose to unused land

Photo by Heather Davidson

Shared Opportunities on Institutional Lands, also known as Project SOIL, is a study that explores on-campus production of food at public and educational institutions. Created in 2013 by Philip Mount, a postdoctoral fellow in the department of geography and environmental…

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Plans to expand airport put on hold

The Region of Waterloo International Airport’s master plan to expand is being put on hold until the airport is able to reach passenger capacity and earn more revenue. Initially there were five options in the master plan for the airport….

File photo by Heather Davidson

Velocity expands startup space

The University of Waterloo’s Velocity program will soon be expanding to include yet another incubator for Kitchener-Waterloo technology startups. Velocity, a program designed by UW to help bright, entrepreneurial students start their own technology company, will soon be expanding on…

File photo by Nick Lachance

Waterloo’s first board game café coming soon

Jeanette Menezes and Sean Wilson are excited to get “board.” The young couple has launched Games on Tap, Waterloo’s first board game café. Games on Tap, located at 321 Weber Street North, hopes to be the latest hangout spot for…


WLU Inside-Out program renewed

This month Wilfrid Laurier University celebrated the renewal of its Inside-Out program. The program combines students who are enrolled at a university or college and students who are incarcerated, to create an alternate and more interactive learning environment. It serves…

Inside Out - Joshua Awolade online

LORIS registration ‘fairly smooth’

Wilfrid Laurier University’s new time ticket method for course registration had its first run-through this year, and created multiple reactions. According to Ken Boyd, director of information and communication technologies services at Laurier, registration overall this year was a fairly…