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Photo by Jody Waardenburg

Poppin’ tags: thrifting as fashion craze

With the opening of previously-owned clothing store The Patch, as well as consignment boutique Luster and Oak we can see that fashion has recently taken a turn in a different direction.

Graphic by Shannon Millar

Pets can be ‘ruff’

The answer for many Wilfrid Laurier University students to adjust to the new atmosphere easier is to get a pet to accompany them.

Graphic by Joshua Awolade

Lessons learned in youth

As a child, life was a big playground — you were being told that you could be anything you wanted to be.

Photo by Moyo Arewa

Shad comes back home to Laurier

“It feels very nice to be at a point where I’ve made four albums, people respect me and I get to participate in the culture of this country.” -Shad