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Photo by Will Huang

Dinosaurs return to THEMUSEUM

From the life-like reconstructions of dinosaurs to hearing what scientists believe a tyrannosaurus rex sounded like, Dinosaurs: The Edge of Extinction allows for viewers to go back and see how these prehistoric creatures would have lived. From looking at the…

NudeArt - Joshua Awolade online

Exposing it all down in Kitchener

With the coming of its latest exhibit Getting Naked on March 6, THEMUSEUM will be exploring the cultural perceptions of the naked body and how society views such work.

Photo by Will Huang

Crazy Beard beer

Waterloo resident Bobby Besant may only be 23, but he has already helped to launch his own business, appeared on Dragon’s Den and crafted his own beer, which is slowly making its way to the shelves of the LCBO.