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Valentine's Food - ONLINE Will 4

Where to eat on Valentine’s Day

Food and love have always been close companions. Where you take your date to eat can really determine how the rest of your night goes, especially on Valentine’s Day

Photo by Jessica Dik

Using art to discuss ecological themes

Hilde Lambrechts’s ceramic scuplture “Petrified Forest” tries to show the beauty of biological strucutres on both macroscopic and microscopic levels based on various tree species.

Photo by Danny Guo

Denim heads rejoice

It’s not uncommon to find a $200 pair of jeans in stores these days, as the growing trend in artisanal craftsmanship has led to a boost in demand for raw denim jeans.

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Vlogs reach out to Laurier community

Third-year english and film studies student Kyle McCord and second-year communication studies and women and gender studies student Stuart Frings have both started YouTube channels that are rising in popularity.

Photo by Jessica Dik

Student’s luck pays off

Reeghan Peister, a fifth-year arts student at Wilfrid Laurier University, had the surprise of his life in mid-November when he won $10,000 on a scratch ticket.