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Photo by Jessica Dik

Vlogs reach out to Laurier community

Third-year english and film studies student Kyle McCord and second-year communication studies and women and gender studies student Stuart Frings have both started YouTube channels that are rising in popularity.

Photo by Jessica Dik

Student’s luck pays off

Reeghan Peister, a fifth-year arts student at Wilfrid Laurier University, had the surprise of his life in mid-November when he won $10,000 on a scratch ticket.

Photo by Heather Davidson

Painting the ‘nite’ away

“The goal is to make everyone happy. If they are smiling at the end [of the night], I’d say it’s a good thing.” said Bunting.

Photo by Heather Davidson

Knowing how to drink wine

When the semester comes to an end and our bank accounts sit somewhere between $20 and negative overdraft allowances, is wine a viable drinking option?

Burrito (Heather Davidson)

Burrito battle on King

Arguing that one burrito is better than the other is like arguing which is more beautiful: a sunrise or a sunset. Why can’t we just enjoy both and call it a day?