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Photo by Heather Davidson

Painting the ‘nite’ away

“The goal is to make everyone happy. If they are smiling at the end [of the night], I’d say it’s a good thing.” said Bunting.

Photo by Heather Davidson

Knowing how to drink wine

When the semester comes to an end and our bank accounts sit somewhere between $20 and negative overdraft allowances, is wine a viable drinking option?

Burrito (Heather Davidson)

Burrito battle on King

Arguing that one burrito is better than the other is like arguing which is more beautiful: a sunrise or a sunset. Why can’t we just enjoy both and call it a day?

Photo by Heather Davidson

Read for leisure

Students may use different forms of reading as stress-release from school.

Graphic by Shannon Millar

Social media harassment

Long gone are the days in which a couple would meet each other at your local Sadie Hawkin’s dance and live happily ever after.