The Cord on Arts

The Cord Arts team blogs about the world of movies, music, culture and life

on sports

The Cord on Sports


Cord International

Open Cord

Life of an Introvert


Cord on Food

The Cord’s food blog on new food tricks and recipes, and reviews and previews on new food joints around Kitchener-Waterloo.


Cord on Business

The Cord Business team looks at the world of business — on campus and off it.


Cord on Health

The Cord shares with you some tips when it comes to mental health, fitness and healthy living and eating.

The Cord Blog

What has The Cord been up to? We blog about it. Hopefully in the least egotistical way.


Cord on Laurier

We discuss — or vent about — some of the issues going on campus. Or we’ll just poke fun at ourselves.

SCIENCE and tech

The Cord on Science and Tech

We look at what’s making headlines in the world of science and technology.

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