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I'm a fourth-year English major, minoring in film studies. I've been writing for The Cord since my first-year and have loved it. Although I don't aspire to be a journalist, the people I've met through The Cord and skills I've picked up here have definitely influenced what I'm going to be doing in the future. Besides the time I spend working on the paper, I write, read, talk about Harry Potter, work out, play soccer, and horseback ride.

Editorial: Learning Your Options

I know that the summers off and benefits won’t be worth it when we’re dealing with a generation that doesn’t know how to love learning because they didn’t have teachers who taught them how.

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SBESS levy fee raise voted down by students

Business students voted “no” to the School of Business and Economics Students’ Association’s referendum question, despite a campaign called “Vote Yes.” The question proposed a raise of the compulsory non-tuition fee, which funds the extra-curricular activities in the school of…